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Hello World!

I am a Graphic Designer located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I aspire to stand out from the crowd. My passion is learning. I take in the world and pour it into design. I love many facets of art, but really shine in illustration and hand typography. In my spare time I’m picking my guitar, reading a good book, or painting and illustrating new things to bring to you!


Everything Else (a little more elaborate)

I came into the world on June 22nd, 1991 and since I could hold a pencil I’ve been creating. With a college reading level at age 8, it was no surprise my first ambition was to be an author. I would devour books, many times finishing more than one a day. I filled notebooks with endless poems and stories as a child, and I feel that I have an excellent advantage over others in my field with my ease of creating body copy, distinguished vocabulary, and an impeccable knack for spelling. (I also still believe in the oxford comma!) Though I may have changed my course from that of a writer, my art skills were developing equally as fast. Drawing was always something that came easy to me, and the other facets of art quickly followed suit. Whatever the medium, my project would be a success the first time around. This fueled a passion for painting, illustrating, and portrait sketching. In high school I attended the Career Center for Pre-Engineering and earned my certificate for completing 1,080 hours of training. As a senior, I was chosen to design a local park for a scholarship and participated in Skills USA. I was awarded the Rotary Outstanding Vocational Award and was chosen with one other student from the district to attend a leadership camp where I won the Leadership Award as well. I was also chosen to attend Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week at Lycoming College which was a week long camp on running a business and selling a product. I had really loved Pre-Engineering and at this point was ready to pursue Architecture, but realized I needed something more creative. I learned about Graphic Design and it was love at first sight. It’s a beautiful art that combines classical with mechanical. It was a way to satisfy my love for illustration and my love for drafting. I feel that I composed the shapes and spaces of my designs with clarity and natural finesse from years of mechanical and architectural drafting. Once I graduated high school I set myself up to attend Pittsburgh Technical Institute and got an incredible hands on education from field familiar professionals. I graduated in October, 2012 winning Best in Show for my booklet on living an organic lifestyle. I earned 17 out of a possible 18 points and the piece was showcased in the Robinson Mall. I completed my internship with one of Pittsburgh’s top magazines, WHIRL and went on to work freelance for David Klug, an incredible pittsburgh artist whose work is showcased in murals throughout the city and Highlights children’s magazine. Contact me if you’re interested in working together!

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